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How Many Directions Determine a Shape and other Sufficiency Results for Two Topological Transforms. [  arXiv ]

Label propagation defines signaling networks associated with recurrently mutated cancer genes. [  bioRxiv ]

Dynamic linear models guide design and analysis of microbiota studies within artificial human guts. [  bioRxiv  |   code ]

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Classical Music Composition Using State Space Models. [  arXiv  |   website  |   code ]

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Approximations of Markov Chains and Bayesian Inference. [  arXiv ]

Learning Subspaces of Different Dimension. [  arXiv  |   code ]

Persistent Homology Transform for Modeling Shapes and Surfaces. [  arXiv ]

Towards Stratification Learning through Homology Inference. [  working paper ]

Multiscale factor models for molecular networks . [  working paper ]

Published/In Press

Scalable Algorithms for Learning High-Dimensional Linear Mixed Models. Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence [  arXiv  |   code ]

Adaptive Randomized Dimension Reduction on Massive Data. Journal of Machine Learning Research [  journal  |   arXiv  |   code ]

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